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The teachings of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offer a pathway to connecting with your best self — fostering openness, awareness, and warmth to help you reach your highest potential. CyberSangha refers to the international online community of individuals who follow Rinpoche's live broadcasts and teachings, seeking nourishment from mutual support.

As CyberSangha's dedicated social media platform, this new app serves as a primary gateway for meeting like-minded individuals, staying updated on upcoming teachings and other events, and accessing live and recorded broadcasts, free classes, and more. Feel free to explore the app's features, engage with content, share feedback, and participate in polls. Embrace a playful spirit and enjoy the experience! 

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Community Guidelines

Before engaging, please familiarize yourself with these community guidelines. All members are encouraged to act with

  • openness
  • respect
  • kindness
  • compassion.

1.  Please register for the app under your own name, not an alias, to respect the entire community's needs for openness, transparency, and privacy. (A refuge name bestowed on you by a lineage master is fine.)

2. We encourage open and respectful dialogue among members. Be mindful of your words and actions as they hold significance. Practice mindfulness both online and offline in alignment with the teachings.

3. Treat all participants with kindness, compassion, and understanding. Embrace diverse perspectives as they enrich discussions; acknowledge that everyone is on their unique spiritual journey.

4. When discussing teachings from different faiths, do so respectfully and accurately. Honor each tradition's lineage and cultural context while avoiding misrepresentation or appropriation.

5. Approach conflicts with patience and a willingness to listen for resolution through understanding rather than confrontation.

6. Keep in mind the broader impact of your actions; our community is part of a global network striving for positive change. Let your contributions help create a better world for all.

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